Our vision is to glorify God through our love for Jesus as we make disciples of all nations and as we multiply new congregations that hold to the practice of the early church.

• Original Early Church Practices
   • Family-Integrated Meetings
• Smaller by Design
   • Focused on Making Disciples
• The Doctrines of Grace
   • Historic Christian Orthodoxy
• New Covenant Theology
   • Relationships over Programs
• Complementarian Gender Roles
   • Relaxed Atmosphere
• Lord's Supper Weekly as a Fellowship Meal
   • In-depth Bible Teaching
• Elder-Led Congregational Consensus
   • Biblical Inerrancy

What We Support



Brothers and sisters from our church have taken part in mission trips to such places as Russia, Peru, China, Germany, England, Switzerland, India, Sri Lanka, Canada, New Zealand, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey, Tajikistan, Uganda, and Siberia. Every month a large percentage of our corporate giving goes to an orphanage in India, a local full-time college campus evangelist, two church planting teams in India and a ministry team in Sri Lanka. We are also in cooperation with the Greater Atlanta Baptist Network and the Southern Baptist Convention for the furtherance of the Gospel.  Locally we are active in pro-life ministries, and campus evangelism.