Our vision is to glorify God through our love for Jesus as we make disciples of all nations and as we multiply new congregations that hold to the practice of the early church.

• Early Church Practice
• Family-Integrated Worship
• Smaller by Design
• Focused on Making Disciples
• The Doctrines of Grace
• Historic Christian Orthodoxy
• New Covenant Theology
• Relationships over Programs
• Complementarian Gender Roles
• Relaxed Atmosphere
• The Lord’s Supper as a Holy Meal
• In depth Bible Teaching
• Elder Led Consensus
• Biblical Inerrancy


Our elders believe in the importance of teaching the Bible, relationships over programs, their duty to lead the church through building congregational consensus, the priesthood of the believer, believer’s baptism, the doctrines of grace, new covenant theology, the Danver’s Statement on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, the Chicago Statement on the inerrancy of Scripture, the Nashville Statement on sexuality, historic Christian orthodoxy, early church practice, the regula fide and the Five Solas (Sola Fide, Sola Scriptura, Sola Gratia, Solus Christus, Soli Deo Gloria).

About Stephen Atkerson

edmusicMarried for 34 years, Steve and his late wife Sandra had three children (all now married) and six grandchildren. A graduate of Georgia Tech, Steve worked for several years in electronics before enrolling in seminary. While there he served on the part-time staff of a 14,000 member church. After receiving an M. Div. from Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary, he ministered on the pastoral staff of a Southern Baptist Church in Atlanta with a membership of around 1000. Then in 1990, after seven years in the traditional pastorate, he resigned to begin working with churches that desire to follow apostolic traditions in their church practice. He is president of the New Testament Reformation Fellowship and author of New Testament Church Dynamics.


edAbout Ed Caouette

Ed and his wife Linda have been married since 1979 and have four children and four grandchildren. Upon graduation from the University of Connecticut, Ed went on to earn an M. Div. from Biblical Theological Seminary in Philadelphia. Ed then served as an elder in several churches in New England where he also hosted an annual conference on early church practice. His military experience includes six years in the US Navy submarine service and eighteen years as an infantry officer in the US Army Reserves. Ed’s work experience includes sales and management in the floor covering, electrical and electronics industries. He now serves full time with TheGreatExchange.org, a college campus evangelistic ministry.