Meet the Atlanta Reformation Fellowship

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Our vision is to glorify God through our love for Jesus and as we make disciples of all nations, multiplying new congregations that hold to early church practice.
We have made a conscious effort to seek to follow the traditions of the original apostles in our church practice ( We believe that this is the best way we can honor the Lord as His Bride. Thus, even though our fellowship is quite “traditional” in the New Testament sense, what we do is rather unconventional by contemporary standards.

© Rachel Overd, all rights reserved
The Importance of Relationships:
 Our church is relationship based. First and foremost is each member’s relationship with the Lord Jesus. Next is our relationship with each other as brothers and sisters in the same heavenly family. This emphasis on relationships does not mean that we believe doctrine to be unimportant. In the essentials of the Faith we believe there is to be unity. In the nonessentials we believe there is to be liberty (Ro 14 & 15). We leave it up to each father to decide about these nonessential issues and lead his own family in them. If you hold certain secondary (and disputable) issues so dearly that they had already caused you to separate from other brethren, then our church is probably not for you. A few examples of issues that we consider to be secondary, and not worth separating over, are Bible translations, nonresistance, head coverings, Christmas, politics, Sabbath observance, the future of Israel, home schooling, end time events and music styles. If you are under the discipline of another church, then we ask you to get things right with that assembly before you come to ours. (Our leaders will be glad to meet with you to discuss your situation further.)


Beliefs:  The Atlanta Reformation Fellowship is decidedly in alignment with historic Christian orthodoxy and ethics. Inquiring minds will want to know that most of us hold to Calvinism, new covenant theology, biblical inerrancy, and the Danvers statement on biblical manhood and womanhood.  You can find out more about New Testament church life at Our elders’ favorite statement of faith is the First London Baptist Confession of 1646. You don’t have to hold to these positions to fellowship with us, but understand that you will hear these things taught with enthusiasm on the Lord’s Day.


© Rachel Overd, all rights reservedIn sum, our church is committed to meeting and living out as simple as possible a reading and understanding of what the New Testament church gave us for a pattern.  We know we don’t have it all figured out yet. We are a work in progress! We tend to take issues one at a time and attempt to come to a biblically based consensus before moving on. Everybody counts and ideally nobody gets run over or discounted. This means we sometimes move pretty slow, but with a high degree of peace and unity.  For that we have been blessed and are grateful.

See you on the Lord’s Day!